Tami Knell

Tami Knell completed her Bachelor Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2003, she is one of the directors at West Coast Occupational Therapy.

She has been treating in soft tissue Occupational Therapy for over fifteen years and played a pivotal role in expanding the area of soft tissue for West Coast Occupational Therapy.   She is highly passionate about enabling clients to attain ultimate health and wellness. She enjoys all aspects of soft tissue OT from injury prevention, improving muscle performance to balancing biomechanical stressors of the body. 

Tami assisted in developing the soft tissue pain management unit in 2012 for the undergraduate program at Edith Cowan University and has lectured and tutored in the area at Edith Cowan University. Her interest in muscle health and biomechanics lead her to completing a Pilate’s mat work course in 2012. She and her business partner Ben have written a chapter for a vocational rehabilitation book, ‘Rehabilitation. Work and Beyond’, third edition, in 2016, entitled ‘Soft Tissue Occupational Therapy and its place in vocational rehabilitation.’ Extra areas of study have included dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation and integrative health.

Currently Tami is enjoying delving into all topics of wellness.  Focusing on the impact on the health of individuals from nutrition; to thought patterns; to toxic chemicals we are exposed to; and how they all influence the health and balance of us as individuals.

Tami keeps busy with two children and a spoodle, she enjoys the beach, sunshine, yoga and summertime.