Soft tissue Occupational Therapy

Our clients benefit from less pain and muscle tension. This improves day-to-day functioning at home and work both physically and mentally. Clients report a greater capacity to build resilience and manage life’s stressors, clearer thinking, a decrease in niggling pain and a capacity to achieve satisfaction with tasks. This can enhance quality of life and enables people to continue to do what they love with less pain.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Paediatric occupational therapists work in cohesion with your child to help them fully engage and participate in school and other daily activities by assisting them to improve their skill sets, including motor and cognitive skills.

By doing so, our highly skilled and motivated OT’s will help your child to develop their confidence, social skills and self-esteem.

Body Rebalance and rehabilitation

Body rebalance is a whole body workout that focuses on strengthening your core and stabilising muscles. It is based on Pilates principles to help improve muscle strength, core strength, balance and correct postural imbalances. A qualified Occupational Therapist will identify muscle imbalances and weaknesses that may be resulting in poor posture and muscle pain.

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Body Rebalance Reformer Rehabilitation

Body Rebalance Reformer involves using the reformer machine to complete a variety of gentle and controlled movements that challenge the body. It is based on Pilate’s principles to correct postural imbalances and improve muscles and core strength. Body Rebalance Reformer is a fun and challenging whole body low impact workout used to tone and strengthen the body in a safe, controlled way.

Workstation assessment

It is important to have a well-designed workstation and correct sitting posture to reduce and prevent potential problems and work related injuries. A workstation assessment is completed by a qualified occupational therapist who will look at your whole set up, equipment and give recommendations and education.  

Soft tissue OT in the workplace

West Coast Occupational Therapists can come to your workplace and provide soft tissue occupational therapy treatment for staff.

Working can be hard on the body. Prolonged sitting, manual handling jobs and ageing can all lead to employees with stiff, sore bodies and poor posture. In our current work environment early intervention and preventative health is of upmost importance for maintaining healthy and productive staff. Our treatment breaks down muscle adhesion, increases blood flow and helps to overcome imbalances between weak and tight muscles. This in turn leads to less musculoskeletal dysfunction for staff in the workplace and ultimately less down time and loss of valued employees.