Workstation Assessment

Workstation assessments are conducted to maximise efficiency and productivity within the workplace through improving posture and preventing dysfunction.

Qualified occupational therapists from West Coast Occupational Therapy assist in the prevention of injuries and worksite wellness by:

  • Setting up and adjusting employee workstations effectively and ensuring correct biomechanics for the individual.
  • Encouraging safe work practices.
  • Providing ergonomic equipment recommendations.
  • Providing education on musculoskeletal health and posture.

What is a workstation assessment?

An assessment of your workstation helps to identify factors that may put a person at risk of developing pain or injury, which can in turn limit productivity. These concerns include postural, biomechanical and environmental factors as well as equipment or furniture use and positioning.


Common areas that are focussed on during the workstation assessment include;

Recommendations may be educational such as seated posture or workstation set up, or practical such as obtaining ergonomic equipment to improve and prevent further muscle pain and tension from the workplace.