Soft Tissue OT in the Workplace

West Coast Occupational Therapy can come to your workplace and provide soft tissue occupational therapy treatment for staff.

In our current work environment early intervention and preventative health is of upmost importance for maintaining healthy and productive staff. Soft tissue occupational therapy leads to less musculoskeletal dysfunction for staff in the workplace and ultimately less down time and loss of valued employees.

What do we Provide?

Hands on neuromuscular occupational therapy treatment including;

Common conditions such as back pain, headaches or soft tissue injuries can be treated, however in a workplace setting, the focus is usually on preventative health and maintaining healthy functional muscles.

Associated services such as muscle health workshops, workstation ergonomics induction and refresher training can also be arranged. 

We make it EASY!

We can come to your worksite. This service has flexible bookings on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis, once off bookings are also available. All that is required is a small room where we can set up a plinth as well as a minimum of 6 bookings.

Treatment sessions are either 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Sessions are claimable through the individual employee’s private ancillary health insurance.

Please note: If the company wants to cover the cost for sessions this can be arranged at an hourly rate.

Alternatively, treatment can be performed focusing on upper back and shoulders at employee’s desks.

For further information contact us on 9301 0052 or email