Soft tissue occupational therapy

Our clients benefit from less pain and muscle tension. This improves day-to-day functioning at home and work both physically and mentally.

Clients report a greater capacity to build resilience and manage life’s stressors, clearer thinking, a decrease in niggling pain and a capacity to achieve satisfaction with tasks. This can enhance quality of life and enables people to continue to do what they love with less pain.

West Coast Occupational Therapy

Via a GP referral West Coast OT also treat:

  • MVA clients
  • Clients with GP chronic disease management plans and patient care arrangements
  • Workers compensation clients

Who will benefit!

Who may benefit from soft tissue occupational therapy include, but are not limited to, people experiencing:


Treatment involves a hands-on approach to work through muscle tension and injury, restore normal movement patterns and prevent further injury. Some types of neuromuscular treatments used at West Coast Occupational Therapy include: