Body Rebalance Reformer Rehabilitation

Body Rebalance Reformer involves using the reformer machine to complete a variety of gentle and controlled movements that challenge the body. It is based on Pilate’s principles to correct postural imbalances and improve muscles and core strength. Body Rebalance Reformer is a fun and challenging whole body low impact workout used to tone and strengthen the body in a safe, controlled way.

The machines are designed with pulleys and springs that act as resistance, creating a dynamic workout. Body Rebalance Reformer is great for rehabilitation purposes, removing the need for weight bearing through injury. Each session is aimed to improve strength, flexibility and fitness. Sessions can be tailored to each individual to ensure they are getting the most out of each class including specific injuries, pregnancy, and fitness level.

Benefits with your OT

1:1 and 2:1 Class Benefits

No referral is required to access this service.


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Initial session must be one one for assessment and individualised goal planning.

1:1  30 min or 45 min consult

2:1  Classes require 2 people, 50min session

Rebates are available through private health fund.